Clojure is great. I have started studying because we have on project written in it, but it has been on my list for a white, and I have found clojure by example which was instrumental in bootstrapping my knowledge. Also it is concise and very to the point, very japanese I might add. Also there is a very engaging book.

Clojure is not object oriented but takes procedural programming to another level, lists and functions are first class citizens and it really wakes you up home much lisp had an influence of crop of current popular languages that are not java. It is a bit funny that clojure is jvm based language but so are many as well. There is also clojure script - javascript based version.

Early days - my first job I was enamored with map and each little did I know that it was from lisp and smalltalk - I gather that lisp was instrumental in influencing smalltalk. Perl is was a text processing language - fresh departure from meddling with bytes in C, I did write a few cgi C/C++ scripts back in the day. But it is clear lisp left its mark on Larry Wall.

One of jobs I have scored after dotcom 1.0 bust was working for a gambling outfit. Our financial system was written in C++, generated from rational rose uml diagrams(god save me from ever touching that again -  rr). Our financial interfaces however were written in perl, a great glue language to tie systems together, at the time. How I got the job is I have printed out mapquest directions to the interview got lost for 2 hours and late - was given a test to write some C code and given a K&R C book to do that ( I had been programming C at this point for at least 6 years!) so done with cobbling together a program on a sheet of paper - got the job - I was told - he can code and he speaks english! Later on we had some perturbations at the company where CEO decided to bring his CTO buddy in and he had a spat with Cheif Architect who hired me. Like I said we did perl to glue financials. Chief architect said there was this new cool language - python, lets try it. I rewrote couple of gateways and wrote tests for them(in 2004 or so) and main thing I wrote code and it just ran. Forward to the conflict - CTO said we have to do Java because its great and we have to rewrite everything in Java. Me being an enterprising spigot I found out there was a fresh project - Jython that transpiled python code to Java and I went around advertising it. So I was fired promptly.

Crux of the story it is great to exploit platforms for end goal like clojure(script) does to gain benefits on both sides.  

I am not sure where this will end up but I am excited.