I have been meaning a while to contribute to ssh-chat where I hang alot and I have concocted a nefarious scheme to fork and convert the code into a product/project to give a record of validated(blockchain) timestamped testimonies. But diving head first into integrating something that could be bigger than inital project ran me a bit out of wind. I have started coding the part to get the feel for the project to maybe has some hands on knowledge of the project structure and conventions but it looks more like a few weeks in the least of coding and refactoring.

So I decided for a small win - looked at issue list, found tiny issue - make Ops be able to ascertain whether another person on the end of /whois command is also an op. Since I don't usually trust a text of the first read it took me to dither between 4 files to find apporpriate place to implement the fix. I kept going to definition of the issue and code and see if I was doing everything at least logically correct and not missing anything, since it is public.

At 11pm ish I pushed the PR added comment on the issue and went for a walk. At least a small win (maybe).